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enVision and ST Math - Elementary Math

enVision Mathematics 2020

enVisions Math

Our primary curriculum resource is enVision Math 2020 (Savvas). At the instructional core of enVision Math is problem-based and visual learning. Concepts and procedures are introduced to students with a problem-based experience (called a Solve and Share) where students must think critically about a real-world math problem, evaluate options, collaborate, and present solutions. This is followed by enhanced direct instruction where student’s thinking and solutions are connected to the new math of the lesson. To further enhance this connection, visual illustrations (called Visual Learning Bridge) are presented (via video or workbook) to promote understanding.  Students are then provided with guided  and independent practice to deepen their understanding of concepts. To learn more about grade specific components us the links below to match your needs.

Kindergarten       Grade 1           Grade 2

Grade 3               Grade 4             Grade 5


ST Math

Meet Jiji, the ST Math Ambassador. ST Math is a digital learning platform used in our K-5 classrooms. ST Math’s approach - manipulating objects in space and time - is totally unique! The  program starts by teaching the foundational concepts visually, then connects the ideas to the symbols, language, and robust discourse. Why does this approach work so well? Because with visual learning, students are better equipped to tackle unfamiliar math problems, recognize patterns, and build conceptual understanding. Without language barriers, the problem is accessible to all students, regardless of skill level or language background. To learn more about ST Math check out the Family Resources at