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Our Students Will Be:



  • Enrich the learning of self and others through teamwork.
  • Solicit and respect diverse perspectives and contributions.
  • Seek, contribute, and react to feedback to achieve shared outcomes.
  • Recognize and leverage strengths to build collective commitment, action, and understanding.


Critical and Creative Thinkers 

  • Transfer and connect knowledge and skills to deepen understanding.
  • Demonstrate thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.
  • Use disciplinary knowledge and skills in routine and innovative ways.
  • Make informed decisions, solve problems, and use a variety of tools to deepen learning.



  • Articulate thoughts and ideas using oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills for a range of purposes and audiences. 
  • Listen to decipher meaning, including knowledge, values, attitudes, and intentions.
  • Use technological skills and contemporary digital tools to explore and exchange ideas.


Socially and Civically Engaged

  • Demonstrate personal, civic, and social integrity through ethical and empathetic behaviors.
  • Recognize individual and communal impact on others and the natural world.
  • Value and embrace diverse cultures and unique perspectives through mutual respect and open dialogue.



  • Cultivate positive attitudes and habits about learning.
  • Pursue one’s own interests and curiosity to experience new learning.
  • Consistently improve the quality of one’s own thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing and reconstructing.
  • Persist to accomplish difficult tasks and to overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals.


Healthy and Balanced 

  • Develop and demonstrate awareness, sensitivity, concern, and respect to connect with self and others’ feelings, opinions, experiences, and cultures.
  • Use reflective practices to understand one’s personal strengths, challenges, and passions.
  • Make choices to support a lifestyle that is healthy, both physically and mentally.
  • Demonstrate resilience through the ability to manage emotions, stress, and challenges.