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The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough believe that all children should be educated in an environment where they are safe, supported, engaged, and challenged.  Faculty and staff work to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for them to become healthy and productive citizens.

Important components of this work are the development, identification, review, and updating of District curriculum.  Educators collaborate to develop curriculum units that are aligned to local, state, and national learning outcomes and to ensure that students have consistent, coherent, and aligned learning experiences as they progress from preschool to graduation.  Through this dynamic process, educators have:

  1. developed and documented a coherent and effective curriculum across the ten schools for all students;
  2. improved the overall coherence and effectiveness of the District's curriculum, and;
  3. identified and addressed academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignments.

Though our learning targets for each subject and grade remain fairly constant, the curriculum itself - the lessons, projects, assignments, and materials that educators use in the classroom - are dynamic.  District educators use their knowledge of teaching and learning to constantly reflect, revise, and improve their work with students in the classroom. 

Curriculum Resources 

Multi Tiered System of Support

District Accomodation Plan


DESE MA Curriculum Frameworks


Carnegie Learning Math- Gr 6-8 


Public Curriculum Access 

Building Blocks



PreSchool Curriculum

Wit and Wisdom
Elementary ELA Gr (K-5)
ST Math
enVision Math



Elementary Math (Gr. K-5)

Second Step

Second Step - Social Emotional Learning 


Curriculum Guides