Additional Assistance

The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough welcomes new families to our District. If you are registering a student for Kindergarten or if you have moved into our community, you are in the right place!  Please follow the links below to register your student for school.
The District supports the educational rights under the Every Student Succeeds Act of students who are homeless, in foster care or in military families.  If you fall into any of these categories and have questions or are missing registration documents, please contact the District Homeless Liaison Mary Ellen Duggan at and she can assist you.
All other questions regarding registration should be directed to the school administrative assistant:
Algonquin Regional High School - (508) 351-7010
Robert E. Melican Middle School - (508) 351-7020
Lincoln Street School - (508) 351-7030
Marguerite E. Peaslee School - (508) 351-7035
Fannie E. Proctor School - (508) 351-7040
Marion E. Zeh School - (508) 351-7048
P. Brent Trottier Middle School - (508) 485-2400 - Grade 6-8
Margaret A. Neary School - (508) 481-2300 - Grade 4-5
Albert S. Woodward School - (508) 229-1250 - Grade 2-3
Mary E. Finn School - (508) 485-3176 - Grade PreK-1
Central Office
(508) 486-5115