What Do You Do with an Idea?

Posted by Julie Doyle on 11/26/2018


picture of book

Have you ever had an idea?  Well here at the Neary School, everyone has ideas.  And you know what?  Our ideas can change the world!  

To get our creativity flowing, in Libratory, we read a book called What do you do with an Idea by Kobi Yamada.  In the book, the little boy has an “idea” (a little creature) that follows him around.  At first, the little boy isn’t sure what to do with his idea and ignores it. However, as time goes on he grows to love his idea and realizes that he can’t live without it.  Eventually, the idea becomes it’s own thing and changes the world!

We discussed how all our ideas can also change the world.  Then, the students learned to design their own 3D “ideas” using Tinkercad- online 3D design software.  Learning to think and design in three dimensions can be challenging but they did an awesome job!

student on chromebook

Do you want to know the best part though?  We are 3D printing them so that the students will have their own “idea” figure to take home and remind themselves about how their ideas can indeed change the world!

 3-D printed objects

-Amy Brewis

Instructional Technology Specialist