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Where's My Kid Bus Tracking App

North Reading Transportation (NRT) provides families with a bus tracking application called, “Where is My Kid.”


To begin tracking your child’s bus, you need to set up an account, create zones, and enable notifications using the step-by-step directions linked below. 


The information you will need to set up the app is:

  1. Your child’s student ID number

  2. The bus number your student rides.

  3. “Where is My Kid”  Access Code. The Access Code for our school district is: NSBORO10 (final character is a zero)


How do I sign up?

    1. Download the “Where is my Kid” app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

    2. Click the "Sign Up" button

    3. Enter school code: NSBORO10 (final character is a zero)


Instructions For Use on Android and Iphone devices:

Where is my Kid - Instructions Folder