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Drop off and parking lot safety

With the nice weather here to stay, many students are taking advantage and playing in the lower parking lot while waiting for the morning bell to ring. With our active drop-off line, this can pose a safety issue. We ask for your partnership to ensure all students have a safe arrival each morning- please review the bullets below for clarity.

  • Parents/ guardians are responsible for supervision until the first bell rings and students enter the building. Teachers are not on duty to help with arrival until 8:40 am.
  • If your child would like to play, please park your vehicle in the lower lot so they are not passing between cars in the active drop-off line. Students who wish to play should use the field, not the basketball court.
  • As always, please proceed with caution when dropping off and do not pass other vehicles that are in the unloading process.
  • Please have your students exit the vehicle from the passenger side door so they can avoid walking in front of or behind vehicles.