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Weekly Pooled Testing Registration Information

We are looking to increase the number of students that participate in the Covid pooled screening offered weekly at Melican. Please consider having your child participate. It is important for the continued health and well-being of students and staff to be aware of any asymptomatic cases, particularly with the upcoming potential increase to 100% in-person learning. 

Please follow the instructions to register your child for the weekly pooled testing.

Step 1: Please fill out the following registration form. This only needs to be filled out once.

Registration form for pooled screening

Step 2: Please sign the consent form for your child and email a copy of the consent to

Consent for pooled screening

Kits are passed out in homeroom on Tuesday mornings.

Samples should be collected on Thursday morning before coming to school. 

Samples should be returned in the box with their label on it on Thursdays only.

Students in SARP must drop their kits off on Thursdays by noon. 

FAQ about pooled screening

Instructions how to collect a sample

Please ignore the part where it says to discard the box. We ask that you return the sample in the box as it has the student’s name on it.