• Election 2016


    Democracy in Action: P2016 - A comprehensive site with useful and balanced information from Eric Appleman of George Washington University .  the 5 major areas covered are: Candidates and their campaigns; Media: covering the campaign; Political Parties: framing the debate; Interest groups: many voices; and The Electorate: voters and non-voters.


    FactCheck.org - This site monitors the factual accuracy of statements made by major political figures.  From the Annenberg Public Policy Center.


    On The Issues - This site's subtitle is: "Every political leader on every issue" and they mean it!  Candidates in state and federal campaigns present their positions on major issues which are grouped into International, Domestic and Economic, then sub-divided into topics and background.  It also includes biographical information and links to candidates websites.


    OpenSecrets.org - THE source for campaign financing: who gives money, who gets money, and how much money.


    Politics 1: Presidency 2016 - Ron Gunzburger's non-partisan website features some of the best information on Presidency 2016, including people not running for the Republican, Democratic, Third, and Independent Parties (including candidates for the Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Prohibition, and Write-Ins).


    PollingReport.com - Polls on Election 2016, plus plenty more.


    Pollster.com - A statistical heaven for political junkies, with awesome graphs showing the ever-changing preferences of voters as the 2016 presidential election approaches.  Select a graph and hover over it to see numbers for each candidate on a month-by-month basis.  This is part of the Huffington Post. 


    RealClearPolitics - Stay on the main page and read the latest political news or polls (scroll down and check the right column) or click on "Election 2016" for just election info.  Updated throughout the day for the most recent coverage.


    Select Smart: 2016: Presidential Candidates Selector - Answer a series of questions, press "Show me my results" and find the candidate whose views are most like yours.