• Study Group for Mascot Review

    The Study Group for Mascot Review consists of stakeholders who are working currently to examine our school mascot, the tomahawk. The Group’s charge is to ultimately develop a recommendation for the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee about whether the mascot should be changed and, if so, what the timeline and costs of that change may be. The Group’s work complements the ongoing work of The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough’s ’ Coalition for Equity, and several members of the Study Group participate in both groups.

    Reviewing our mascot and considering a change is a major undertaking, and the Group members of the Group have generously donated their time and energy in examining the issue. The tomahawk is an important part of our school’s rich history, and it is critical that all of the members of our school community informed about the work of the Study Group

     If you would like to share your thoughts and perspectives - now or at any point during the period of the Study Group’s work - please email MascotStudyGroup@nsboro.k12.ma.us and your feedback will be noted for the Study Group.