Student Calendars/Schedules

  • 5 Day Rotation Calendars

    October Calendar

    • Click Here to access the October 5-Day Rotation Calendar

    November Calendar

    • Click Here to access the November 5-Day Rotation Calendar

     Monday Schedules for Hybrid and for Remote

    • All students will be REMOTE on Mondays.
    • Students will follow their schedules based on the Schedule Day Numbers (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). Each Monday Remote Day will follow one day from our 5-Day Schedule.
    • Students will follow their typical in-person schedules, including core academic classes, specials, etc. Students will not have a homeroom. 
    • Students will have 5 minutes between classes to get organized and to log into the next Zoom session. We understand that students may need more time between Zoom sessions and will be flexible with this. 
    • Teachers will take attendance in each Zoom session. 
    • Flex Blocks and Academic Extensions will be utilized for independent reading and independent work time, as well as teacher check-ins as needed. 
    • 1:00-1:30 will be utilized for extra help from teachers.
    • 1:30-2:30: Faculty and staff will be involved in curriculum planning, team meetings, etc. Students will be involved in independent work including projects, writing assignments, etc.

    Click Here to access Monday Schedules for 6th Grade Students

    Click Here to access Monday Schedules for 7th Grade Students

    Click Here to access Monday Schedules for 8th Grade Students

     Blank Sample Student Schedules w. Period Times

    Blank 6th Grade Schedule 20-21

    Blank 7th Grade Schedule 20-21

    Blank 8th Grade Schedule 20-21