• Food Nutrition On behalf of the Food Services staff, we would like to welcome our students back to school lunch for the 2019/20 school year!

    As we look to the new year we are excited about some programs that we implemented last year; the new web based menu program allows students and parents to access the nutritional value and ingredients of the food we serve.  With our growing menu selections, this tool will allow our students and parents the information they need to make healthy dietary choices. 

    Please remember that we have Nutrikids and Myschoolbucks available in all of our schools. Nutrikids is our point of sale system, allowing students to purchase their lunches using a PIN number.  Myschoolbucks is a great tool that families can use to see account balances and to track what their students are purchasing at lunch. If you haven't already done so, please log into myschoolbucks.com and set up an account.  You can make payments anytime and anywhere, check balances, and get low balance notifications.  You will need your student identification number in order to set up an account. This number is available on the registration form that your child will receive in school.

    We strive to prepare foods that kids want to eat, offering foods that are nutritious, with a variety of options available to please our students. We look forward to developing new menu items using local fruits and vegetables while gathering input from our students and families. Food is an important contributor to students' learning and growth, and our food services department is committed to  following the trends of the ever-changing and evolving tastes of our students to meet the needs of their growing minds.

2018-2019 Lunch Pricing

Algonquin Lunch Menus

Food & Nutrition FAQ

  • How much do lunches cost?

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    Lunches for the 2019/20 school year in Northborough/Southborough Public schools are $3.00 for a main meal, $.40 for reduced meal.

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  • Q: How Do I Pay for Lunch?

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    All Schools now use the "MySchoolBucks" Program. Please go to mySchoolBucks.com to reload your balances

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Contact Information

  • Kyle Parson

    Northborough & Southborough Food Services Manager

    Phone: (508)-486-5115 x71228 

Contact Information

  • Dianne Cofer

    Algonquin Food Services Manager

    Phone: (508)-351-7010 x1249