The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough School Start Time Task Force

In May 2020, the School Committees of Northborough and Southborough unanimously supported the proposed start time change.

New Start Time Configuration for the 2021-2022 school year

New Start Time Configuration
  • Communication and Implementation Plan - coming Spring 2021

NSBORO School Start Time FAQs

Start Time Q and A

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Start Time Brochure
Roll Out Plan
School Bus Consulting Report
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Key Presentations and Meeting Agendas

  • The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough:  School Start Time Timeline: 
    Historical Overview

    2014 – Spring:

    Parent group was concerned with Sleep Deprivation and shared their interest

    2014 – Fall:           

    Algonquin Study Group was formed, and the following main concerns were identified: Technology, Sleep, Homework, and, the demands of being a high school student.

    2015 – Winter:     

    Findings were presented to Christine Johnson, Superintendent of Schools

    2015 – Spring:      

    Exploring Start Times presentation to Regional School Committee

    • Superintendent Johnson asked Christina Smith to look at the feasibility of moving the start time 20 minutes with a no-cost option
      • It was determined that 20 minutes was not enough of a gain/change for the students
      • The amount of disruption for 20 minutes was not worth the change at the time. 
      • It was decided to hold and to form a task force, hire a bus consultant, and do more research.


    Start Time was on School Committee agendas

    2018 – Spring:    

    Start School Later presentation to the Northborough, Southborough, and Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committees


    Task Force Established (spring 2019)

    Bus Consultant Hired