Role of School Council

    • Identify the educational needs of students attending our school 
    • Review the district learning team’s District Improvement Plan
    • Adopt educational Goals for the school
    • Review the school building budget
    • Formulate a School Improvement Plan
    • Submit the School Improvement Plan to the School

    Committee for review and approval


    More Specifically...


    In compliance with the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, The Woodward Elementary School Council is comprised of an equal number of parents and school personnel (including the building principal), and one community member.  Together, the role of these representatives is to establish educational goals for the school, to identify the educational needs of our student population, to review the annual school building budget, and to develop a school improvement plan.


    The Education Reform Act specifies that personal student/teacher issues are not the responsibility of the school council.  For individual cases involving students, parents, teachers, and/or other school staff, the council encourages students and parents to deal directly with the teacher, then the building principal, if necessary.


    Ultimately, the idea of a school council is to allow for the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members in tailoring the educational program for our own school.  The monthly meetings are open to all, providing an opportunity for everyone to have input, to work toward common goals, and to be creative in meeting the needs of our young learners.