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  • English Language Education Welcome to the 2022-2023 District’s Multilingual Learner Education and Equity site.  The Multilingual Learner Education Program ensures that students who are learning English achieve proficiency in social and academic listening, speaking, reading, and writing to be successful in their learning.  

    Our school population of English Learners has grown steadily over the years. Thanks to the continued support over the years of all constituents, our ten schools have full-time English Language Development (ELD) teachers.  Each ELD teacher is highly qualified to provide instruction in the English language in the four language domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in a developmentally appropriate, systematic, and sequential manner.  The instruction takes place in conjunction and collaboration with all educators in each school.

    Our community is enriched by families who speak over thirty languages. We take pride in getting to know our families well and establishing strong partnerships to enhance our children’s education as we all learn to become more culturally proficient. While most of our students are born in the United States, some are born abroad, so we help students acculturate to their new homeland and school since learning a language is also being able to understand its culture.

    Children join our schools from preschool through high school at different stages of knowing languages.  There is a wide range of variables between only understanding a home language to being able to speak, read, and write it for social and academic purposes.  As children learn English, it is important that they continue to learn their home language. Please refer to resources in our links that may be helpful to you.

    It is a pleasure to serve our students and families in our very caring communities of Northborough and Southborough. Please feel free to contact our office at 508-486-5115 extension 71242.

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