• Dear Algonquin Community,

    As you may know, a group of community stakeholders has been working since November to develop a recommendation for the Regional School Committee about whether our mascot, the Tomahawk, should be changed and, if so, what the timeline and costs of that change may be. The Study Group will present its formal recommendation to the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee this Thursday, April 15, at 6:00 pm. The recommendation represents the hard work of a dedicated group of 16 individuals, and I am deeply grateful to each of them for their contribution of time and energy. A link to the meeting is here. The agenda for the meeting is here. Finally, materials from the Study Group’s meetings are available here.


    Mr. Bevan

    Sean Bevan

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Algonquin Regional High School is a community committed to providing a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment which fosters critical and creative thinking. We believe respect, responsibility, and collaboration are essential to individual growth and academic achievement.