Welcome to World Languages

  • The World Languages Department provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in French, Spanish and Latin. These languages are of great value in today’s global community. The study of world languages at Algonquin emphasizes oral proficiency, as well as aural comprehension, reading, writing, and the recognition of similarities and differences among cultures. Communication in another language and cultural comparisons help you to move to a wider perspective of the world and to better understanding of diversity.

    It is recommended that all students elect a world language as soon as possible and that the same language be continued for as long as average progress and improvement of skills can be demonstrated. In increasing numbers, highly motivated students with above average ability are electing a second world language in grade 10 or 11, often continuing it through grade 12.

    The department of World Languages emphasizes the integration of oral proficiency, communication in the target language and grammatical sequences in order to create a solid foundation in the language. Through the use of communicative activities, technology, reading, the study of grammar and writing, students develop a working knowledge of the target language that is useful in the current global society in which we live.

    Honors classes proceed at a fast pace and students are evaluated at a more sophisticated level of mastery in both oral and written work. Readings both in class and at home are required, as well as oral presentation, and regularly assigned compositions. Grammar is studied, applied and assessed in depth. Study skills are stressed to assist students in organizing material. Technology is an integral component in all areas of study.

    A “C-“ or better is required to be recommended to continue to the next level College Prep course. A “B-“ or better is required to be recommended to the next level Honors class. “A-“ or better is required to be recommended to go from a College Prep course to an Honors course.