School Start Time Introduction

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    Summary of Start Time Study Group Activities – 2015-2016

    The 2015-2016 goal of the School Start Time Study Group was to continue exploring feasible
    options and to engage the K-8 community in start time education. The following is a summary
    of actions in support of goal:

    • The Start Time Study Group met four times this year to continue our conversations about the
    rationale and potential implementation of a change in the start time.
    • The District provided funding for Dr. Judith Owens to present to the greater school
    community, the Superintendent’s Curriculum Advisory, and school committee members.
    The District extended an invitation to AVC Superintendents to participate. The event was
    open to the public and available for viewing via public access and our website.
    • A presentation was made to the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee prior to Dr. Owen’s
    • A survey was shared that evening and the link was made available through our District
    Doings in successive months. Our website contains literature on the value of later start
    • Continued analysis of our current bus routes generated (4) proposals that may be cost
    • Mary Hamaker, member of the study group, submitted (2) additional schedules and bell
    schedules for no cost options.
    • The proposed routes were with K-12 administrators
    • The high school administration surveyed the staff to identify which start times were
    • The high school administration reviewed schedules to comply with mandated 990 hours and
    reviewed scheduling options proposed by staff
    • Kathleen Polutchko, Chairperson of the Regional School Committee and the Superintendent
    attended a panel discussion on Start Time sponsored by MASC.
    • A presentation was made to the AVC Board of Directors because of member Districts
    increased interest in learning more about the start time study. Members of the Start Time
    Study Group presented to the AVC Board.
    • NRT reviewed proposed schedules for feasibility and cost

    Recommendation: Given the cost variables to implement the proposed scheduling models, we
    have requested that NRT conduct additional reviews of options as discussed at our last Start
    Time Study Group meeting on June 7, 2016.

    Respectfully submitted by:

    Christine M. Johnson
    Superintendent of Schools
    Combined School Committee
    June 15, 2016

Exploring School Start Times

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