• Algonquin Digital Integration Guidelines 


    The Algonquin Digital Integration program is designed to provide students authentic experiences to build the 21st Century skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. The program aims to help students practice responsible use of technology at school and learn about ways to use computing devices for productivity, time management, research, and creative pursuits. Helping students become responsible digital citizens will enhance classroom activities and will support the district's mission, Vision 2020, to prepare each student for college and career.

    Acceptable Student Devices

    For this program, “devices” include Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets that meet the following requirements. A student device must be able to wirelessly access the internet, integrate with Google Drive and other G Suite for Education Apps, and allow for text entry, through a full-sized keyboard. No form of a cell phone will be considered an acceptable device. Cell phones are not permitted for use in class without specific educator approval for that lesson and/or activity. Individual exceptions to these requirements may be made as accommodations based on disabilities.

    School/Teacher Expectations

    1. ARHS will provide students with internet access through a filtered wireless network.
    2. Teachers will use software that will assist to monitor and direct students’ online activity, helping our students in making positive choices while engaged in online work at school.
    3. Teachers will allow students to charge their devices, when appropriate. The school cannot guarantee immediate access to charging but strives to provide some charging access in most settings.

    Family Expectations

    1. Students/parents/guardians are responsible for the maintenance of their devices, including any costs associated with device breakage, repair, and replacement. ARHS takes no responsibility for stolen, lost, or damaged devices, including lost or corrupted data on those devices.
    2. Student devices must be protected by anti-virus software. ARHS does not offer anti-virus software.

    Student Expectations

    Students will:

    1. bring their devices to school every day, unless otherwise instructed.
    2. ensure their devices are charged prior to bringing them to school for use during school hours. Students will bring to school the chargers and/or power cords specific to their own devices, as the school may not be able to provide such accessories.
    3. use their devices for educational activities only, complying with teachers’ requests regarding the use of devices during school hours.  There is no expectation that educators will use the device every single day in every class.
    4. exhibit digital responsibility and follow the Northborough-Southborough Responsible Use Policy.
    5. obtain proper permission prior to using devices to record, transmit, or post photos or audio/video recordings of teachers or other students.
    6. use their devices to access the internet through ARHS-provided filtered networks. The use of cellular data plans, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, or any other means to bypass the school’s internet filtering mechanism is strictly prohibited.
    7. use a school-owned computer to print to one of the designated printers during school hours. Printing from student devices will not be supported at school.
    8. use their devices and only their devices. Swapping and/or sharing of devices through the school day is not condoned. If students forget their devices, there is a structured practice for this rare occurrence.


    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Northborough-Southborough Responsible Use Policy

    Contact Information
    Julie Doyle - jdoyle@nsboro.k12.ma.us
    Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning
    The Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough 

    Brian P. Calnan - bcalnan@nsboro.k12.ma.us
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Algonquin Regional High School