Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who needs a device?
    A. All students at Algonquin Regional High School need their own device. There is no need to purchase a new device if a student already has access to a device that meets the minimum requirements of our BYOD program. 

    Q: What are the minimum requirements of Algonquin Digital Integration devices?
    A. A student device must be able to wirelessly access the internet, integrate with Google Drive and other G Suite for Education Apps, and allow for text entry through a full-sized keyboard. 

    Q: What device should my student bring?
    A. We recommend a Chromebook, based on its cost, capabilities, and battery life. A laptop computer is also acceptable. A tablet, such as an iPad, may also work, but would require the use of an external keyboard to comply with the minimum requirements of our program. 

    Q: Does it matter which brand of device I get?
    A. No. You can purchase a device from a vendor of your choice.

    Q: Can I use a smartphone for a device?
    A. No. While phones may serve as a supportive tool, they have limitations that do not meet the minimum requirements of our Algonquin Digital Integration program. Cell phones are also not permitted for use in the classroom unless specified by the educator for a particular lesson and/or need. 

    Q: What else do I need, other than a device?
    A. Students will need to bring the charger associated with their own device. We also recommend a case for device protection and headphones for academic use when required by a teacher. Due to the variety of devices that will be coming into school, we cannot guarantee charging equipment for each student. 

    Q: What if I cannot provide a device for my son or daughter?
    A. We recommend that students bring in their own devices to promote familiarity with and responsibility for the technology. For the 2020-2021 school year we will be loaning Chromebooks to students who choose not to use or purchase their own.  You will recieve information on how to request a borrowed device from Principal Bevan.

    For more information about this program at ARHS, please see Algonquin Digital Integration Guidelines.