Immunization Information

  • The School Immunization Law (Chapter76, Section 15) of the General Laws 
    states that:
    “No child shall, except as here in after provided, be admitted to school 
    except upon presentation of a physician’s certificate that the child has been 
    successfully immunized according to current DPH regulations (102 CMR 7.09 and 
    105 CMR 222.00).
    The following immunizations are the requirements set by the Massachusetts 
    Department of Public Health for entrance into school for seventh grade 
              4 doses of DTaP/DTP or 3 doses of Td vaccine plus 1 dose of Tdap 
              3 doses of Polio vaccine
              2 doses of MMR vaccine 
              3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine
              2 doses of varicella vaccine,
              or a physician-certified reliable history of chickenpox